Horror University Announces Winter Session

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

The HWA is pleased to announce our Winter 2022 Horror University Online Session!

From January 10th to March 7th , 2022, Horror University presents six workshops for horror writers everywhere interested in refining their writing, learning new skills and techniques, or perfecting their manuscript presentation.

Full descriptions and registration information is available in the Horror University School on Teachable: https://horror-university.teachable.com/courses


The Winter 2022 Session includes:

• January 10: Building Your Very Own Haunted House: How to Write Effective Ghost Stories with Gwendolyn Kiste.

• January 24: Into the Dark Woods: Incorporate Fairy Tale Symbolism and Archetypes in Your Stories with Carina Bissett.

• January 31: Treacherous Settings: Discover How to Use SETTING to Escalate Conflict, Suspense, and Atmosphere with Michael Arnzen.

• February 7: Manuscript Magic: Practical Strategies for Polishing and Presenting Your Manuscript with Lee Murray and Angela Yuriko Smith.

• February 28: Writing Your Horror Novel in Six Weeks: The Castle of Horror Guide with Jason Henderson.

• March 7: A Writer Prepares: Techniques for Character Development for Fiction Writing with John Palisano.

Registration is $65 for non-HWA-members, $55 for HWA members, and four- and six-course bundles are available. HWA members please use the following discount codes, for HWA members only:

HWA Members – Code: SHIRLEY2022 - 15% off

4 Course Discount (Non-Members) – Code: STEPHEN2022 - 15% off

4 Course Discount (Members) – Code: CLIVE2022 - 20% off

6 Course Discount (Non-Members) – Code: PETER2022 – 20% off

6 Course Discount (Members) – Code: ANN2022 – 25% off

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