StokerCon Tip #1

We are about thirty days out from StokerCon. Over the next month, we will send out a series of tips about the city of Denver, the Curtis Hotel, and the convention in general. Our hope is to make your event experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Our first tip is about Sched, our scheduling program. All of our convention scheduling is listed there. It’s both web-based and available as an app for iOS and Android devices. Through Sched you can map out your entire convention experience before you land in Denver. Using your mobile device, you can navigate sessions, search our directory of attendees and speakers, view our sponsors, even ask to have your schedule emailed to you at the start of each day. It’s a robust program and consistent with the HWA’s goal to be more environmentally conscious and move away from paper "pocket programs."

We encourage everyone to log into Sched and complete their profile. You can upload a photo, give a brief description of yourself, list your website if you have one. This will help everyone get to know you better.

One final tip--we’ve seen plenty of wonderful profiles in Sched, except they’re set to "private." No one except us admins can see them. The only part of the profile others can see is your name. If you wish others to know more about you, please make sure to change your profile setting to "public."

See you in Denver!

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