StokerCon Tip #2

With the Rocky Mountains looming in the background, Denver is beautiful. It’s also a large metropolitan city with the benefits and drawbacks of the same. Here, we will summarize a few of them.

Most people flying to StokerCon will arrive at Denver International Airport. The airport has a public transport rail service. For $10.50, you can take the A Line to downtown Denver, specifically to Union Station. The 23-mile journey takes about 35 minutes, with six stops between the airport and Union Station.

From Union Station, you can walk the 0.7 miles to the Curtis Hotel in about fifteen minutes. Doing it with luggage can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re not young, energetic, and cost-conscious, take a ride share from the airport.

The Curtis Hotel s located in Denver’s LoDo (Lower Downtown) District. LoDo has around one hundred hotels, restaurants, galleries, and shops. Denver’s popular Larimer Square is located two blocks from the hotel. Larimer Square is closed off to traffic and features outdoor dining, bars, and general fun. Garage Sale Vintage is particularly interesting—a resale shop with a bar serving drinks, some of them rather strong. Most anything you would want can be found in the LoDo district.

Denver is called The Mile High City for a reason. It sits a mile above sea level. The air is thinner, the oxygen not as plentiful. You may find yourself light-headed at times. It’s rare, but it happens, and it’s called altitude sickness. It feels a lot like being mildly drunk. While altitude has no effect on blood alcohol content, drinking if you’re experiencing altitude sickness can get rather…unpleasant. Before you decide to enjoy that first glass of beer or wine, pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you.

Denver, like many major metropolitan cities, has a substantial homeless population. LoDo has its share of people standing on corners asking for money, and while some can be more enthusiastic than others, they typically don’t get aggressive. That’s not true in other districts. RiNo (River North) Art District has great brewpubs and an impressive neighborhood art display, but the area is not one to be walking around in the dark. Like any large city, be aware of your surroundings and be smart about where you go and how you get there.

Overall, Denver is a wonderful city with amazing people. Take the time to explore.

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