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Lockngo 4.0 (Mega,Top 5)


Category:Pas de Bas Category:Surveying A Year in the Life of Linux: Python, Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bash - yohanatan ====== thristian It's an amazing feat that an article about a programming language has a comparative breadth and depth on a technological topic that might nearly eliminate the need for someone to write an article about a programming language. ------ fiatjaf Why did you decide to go with Python? Is it the best programming language available? ~~~ yohanatan I was somewhat fanatical about avoiding other scripting languages (e.g. Perl, PHP). In those days, Python was one of the only scripting languages available that gave you almost everything you needed out of the box. For me, the major problem was writing complicated web applications without a framework or an ORM. I feel that most ORMs are somewhat of a drop-in solution for writing data-oriented, CRUD applications and that there are probably other solutions that are more robust (e.g. Python has a built-in ORM, but it's not something I can easily pick up and get going). I think there are certain areas of the programming world where the "state of the art" is almost always "Web 2.0" or "cloud" and that doesn't leave much room for an all-new framework. These days, Python (along with Node.js and PHP) is as good as it gets in the realm of web development, so I went with it. Localised adult hepatic fibrosis in the absence of cirrhosis. Two patients are described who had a combination of clinical, radiological and histological features suggestive of progressive chronic liver disease. There was no radiological, biochemical or histological evidence of portal hypertension or cirrhosis. Further investigation in one patient demonstrated abnormalities of liver function but no abnormalities of liver histology. In the other, in whom a liver biopsy was performed, there were histological features of hepatic fibrosis in the absence of cirrhosis or signs of portal hypertension. Although without a precise differential diagnosis, this combination of features has a variable outlook and suggested progressive chronic liver disease. It is suggested that


Lockngo 4.0 (Mega,Top 5)

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